Research Panel

Research Panel Wanted!

Cimplex Marketing Group, Inc. is a marketing/research firm based in California and Tokyo. We host surveys and group/individual interviews for various marketing research projects. By signing up for our research panel, you will be notified of research opportunities, most of which provide compensation.

Recent Project Examples:

  • Product Test & Survey on food/beverage (pay ranging from $50 to $200)
  • Focus Group on TV viewing in LA & NY ($150 pay)
  • Product Test on personal care ($150 pay)
  • Online Survey on hair care (sweepstakes for gift cards totaling $1000)
  • Online Survey for product name ($5 gift card to all participants)
  • Online Survey on ethnic food (sweepstakes for gift cards totaling $300)

Research Panel Terms and Conditions:

  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Currently residing in US or Canada
  3. This is not employment
  4. There is no guarantee for your participation in research projects
  5. You can opt out from our mailing list any time
  6. Data collection is for research purpose only, not intended for sales
  7. We don’t sell your personal information to any third party

Research Privacy Policy

If you are eligible and agree to the terms and conditions, please click here for the sign-up form.

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